About us

Here is a little bit about ourselves:

I’m a Greek American living in Holland and my wife Monique, is born and raised in Holland.
We have a lovely daughter named Femke whom we call upon to watch our cat Ozzy (Ozbourne) when we take off on our tours.
We are in our mid fifties and live in beautiful Maastricht, the southernmost city in The Netherlands.
We love the outdoors and try to get out as much a possible. In the Spring, Summer and Fall we’re mostly touring with our bikes and in the Winter we go hiking.

Over the years we have tried many different types of vacations, but it wasn’t until we discovered bicycle touring that we began to truly enjoy ourselves. Ever since we started touring we’ve seen and experienced more than we have in most of our lives.
From day one we were totally blown away by the feeling of freedom we felt while touring. It never takes longer than a couple of days to just put everything (house, bills, kids, pets) out of our minds and just be ourselves. Also being together 24/7 we’ve found that we talk more to each other than when we’re home, because of our commitments. On the road we rely on each other every day for everything. Bicycle touring has truly brought us closer together and has changed the way we view the world.

With this site we hope to inspire other people to try bicycle touring at least once. We understand it’s not for everyone but if you like cycling than the hardest part is over.

Lorraine, France 06/2011

Lorraine, France 06/2011