Maastricht to Speyer, Germany

From 28/04/2010 till 23/09/2010

Day 1 – Wednesday 28/04
Maastricht to Liblar see – 102kms

After an emotional farewell we set off on our long adventure at 09:00. The weather was perfect and the ride was more or less uneventful, after all we had done this ride in 2006 and there really isn’t anything new we hadn’t seen before.
For a first day the kms were long and with the hills in-between we were pretty much tired when we arrived at the camping. We were not in the mood for cooking so ended up just getting curry worst and washing it down with a few beers.
The camping here is OK but we really were too tired to care so after a hot shower we crawled in our sleeping bags and slept. Overall it was a great first day.


Outside our home ready for the grand adventure.


Entering Germany after Vaals, NL.


One of the many castles we passed on our way to Liblar see.


And finally a cold beer and our first curry worst at the camping in Liblar see.


Liblar see camping, we’ve stayed here in the fall of 2006. Click to view larger.

Day 2 – Thursday 29/04
Liblar see to Remagen – 59kms Total 161kms

We got on the road a bit late today mainly because of the kms from our first day. The weather was great to begin with but got very sticky by the end of the day. The cycling route along the Rhine was great even going between the heavy industry it was still a pleasure to ride.
A note of warning, riding on the east side of the river is not recommended, its rough and has some short but very steep hills.
The camping at Remagen is very good but as I write this its 19:00 and its beginning to drizzle.


Finally on the very busy Rhine. Click to view larger.


Taking a break in a small park along the Rhine.


Some very nice cruise boats also. We saw this one several times while cycling up the Rhine.


As the day wore on it began to get hot which could only mean one thing, rain is coming.


In Koblenz we came across this Chinese restaurant boat.


And captain Nemo’s boat 🙂


We rode through pretty little German villages.


And one was looking better than the next.


Enjoying a nice cold beer at the nice camping in Remagen.


Our setup.

Day 3 – Friday 30/04
Remagen to Trechtings-hausen – 104kms Total 265kms

Quite an uneventful day, very good weather not too hot or cold and only a slight headwind. We’ve cycled here before and know the area so just took a few pictures of the places we missed before.
Cycling paths around here are silk smooth.
As I write this it’s 20:00 and with the dark clouds comes the drizzle again.


Cycling path just after Remagen.


Cycling through the Loreley, where the Rhine cuts through some hills after Koblens.


Just great scenery. Click to view larger.


No comment.


Everywhere you look there’s always a signpost reminding you of where you are and how far you need to go.


One of the many power stations that feed the German heavy industry that’s along the Rhine.


One of the many castles along the Rhine.


And another.


This one looked so nice I took a closeup.


Nice wall painting, notice the castle in the middle.


No comment.


And with every hilltop castle there’s a village below.


There were also castles in the middle of the Rhine.

Day 4 – Saturday 01/05
Trechtings-jausen to Oppenheim – 65kms Total 330kms

We woke up to rain today so took till 10:00 to get underway. When we got near Mainz we tried to contact our friends there but embarrassingly I had written the number wrong so when we didn’t get a reply we continued on, sorry guys.
A few kms further we stopped at a gas station and checked out a map which had camping but found out there were none for quite a while so we planned to look for a room. Than a few kms further we ran into this couple cycling who were interested at what we were doing and when they heard we were looking for a camping they said they’d seen one at Oppenheim across the river. Sure enough when we got there we saw it, it wasn’t on the map because it was a private camping.
When we got there the nice people allowed us to stay for the night, which was great. Highly recommend this place


When we got up this morning we saw this beautiful little cruise boat.


Breaking camp on a wet morning.


The castle above Trechtings-hausen campground.


No comment.


No comment.


Best buy we’ve made for this tour, the Thermarest seats.


Monique chatting with one of the man from this private camping.


They did have a very nice beer here.


When it  cooled down we must moved indoors to finish these exceptional german beers.

Day 5 – Sunday 02/05
Oppenheim to Speyer – 102kms Total 432kms

What a day today, it started out great, sunny with a bit of a head wind but it just got really bad towards the end.
The wind picked up, it started to rain and we ended up going into Mannheim in the worst possible area, I mean this area was really rough and we couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.
We crossed the river into Ludwigshaven and continued on that side.
The camping at Speyer was not good at all so we decided to get a room but the only one we could find was a time machine back to the 70’s and it had been smoked in for many years.
We were lucky to get a couple hours sleep each


Some of the wildlife we saw this morning.


Along with the deer we saw quite a few rabbits, or hairs cant tell the difference.


There was some beautiful cycling before the nightmare of Mannheim.


The high-tech bridge of the small ferry we needed to take.


Everyone was helping this guy pull his jeep from the river where he backed up a bit too far. I was also able to help by advising them to unhook the boat trailer which was really stuck on something underwater. By the time we left he had the jeep free. Click to view larger.

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