Speyer, Germany to LÍsle-sur-le-Doubs, France

Day 6 – Monday 06/05
Speyer, Germany to Lauterbourg, France – 75kms Total 507kms

Got up at 08:00 feeling really crappie the room really sucked and we were glad to get out of there. Apart from lack of sleep the day turned out to be pretty good. The cycling paths were uber smooth and going through farmland and wooded areas, it was really beautiful to ride through.
About 10kms from Lauterbourg this really dark clouds showed up and we took shelter in this houseboat/restaurant for an hour till the storm blew over.
Camping in Lauterbourg is pretty good with very helpful hosts.


We had to ride through the center of Speyer.


So we took a few pictures of towers and churches.


And the odd Boeing 747 perched on a rooftop.


The perfect cycling paths continued.


With great views of some of the wildlife in the area.


One would not have a problem wild-camping around here.


The storm that almost got us. A few kilometers further we found a great shelter which also served good coffee.

Day 7 – Tuesday 04/05
Lauterbourg to Strasbourg – 76kms Total 583kms

Woke up to a very cold morning, overnight the wind had changed, instead of coming from the south it was now coming from the north, it was good that it turned and it was now a tail wind but it was also bitterly cold.
The cycling paths were very nice and the ride into town was easy.
Around midday our hosts contacted us and told us they would meet us in front of the cathedral at 19:00. It was ok but we had to wait for 4 hours in the cold which was not nice especially when we found out there was someone at home so we need to plan a bit better next time.
The couple is very nice and they have the cutest kids in town they are just adorable. They are very well traveled being in the far east a couple of times, south America and also cycled from Beijing, China to Strasbourg, France with the kids.
The apartment is open plan, very nice and clean and we have a good time here.


Monique all ready for the cold day ahead.


The great camping at Lauterbourg. Click to view larger.


Getting back into France before Strasbourg.


Important building.


We thought this building was important.


No shortage of war memorials around these parts.


More war memorials.


The narrowest building in Strasbourg.


Waiting in the cold drizzle for our hosts to show up.

Day 8 – Wednesday 05/05
Rest day – Strasbourg.

Today we chose to rest and just as well because the weather was terrible. We went out to find a dryer for our clothes because the cycling family didn’t have one,  they only had a washing machine.
We found a Subway sandwich shop and had something to eat while the laundry dried and also checked out the local mini market and bought the ingredients for stuffed peppers and potatoes.
As a thank you we decided to cook for the cycling family. But the wine Pascal chose was a bomb it gave me a hangover before I even went to sleep LOL. Sorry mate but next time it’s beer 😉
All in all we had a great time and the cycling family Pascal, Severine, Liman and beautiful Luna were great hosts and they are always welcomed to stay with us.
You can check out their page at www.cyclofamille.com, they have done some great tours in far away places.


An old man smoking in front of a very beautiful old building.


Going for a walk around town with the kids.


We thought this monument should be dedicated to the very busy woman of the house, Severine that was running around all the time 🙂


The two adorable kids Liman and Luna, I had a lot of fun playing with them. And their mom Severine in the background.

Day 9 – Thursday 06/05
Strasbourg to Boofzheim – 37kms Total 620kms

We woke up this morning and saw out the window that it was a heavy drizzle, almost rain. We packed our stuff said our goodbyes and were on our way by 09:00.
Getting out of Strasbourg in the morning rush hour with nasty weather was not fun but we eventually made it to this canal that goes to Colmar. The cycling path was ok but a bit bumpy from all the tree roots.
Anyway we knew today would be short so we didn’t worry much. We had planned it this short because of the weather forecast.
We made it to the camping just after 12:00 which is right behind this super market. This place is really nice a peaceful but maybe its just because of the time of year. They have these really nice huts with heating, full kitchen, nice and compact living area and a nice bedroom for €40 so we decided to get it as the weather just got worst.
By nightfall we were right to do so as it got really cold and the rain intensified.
So we warmed up the hut to 23c and watched 5 episodes of our favorite series that we had downloaded the day before. Now this is touring 😉


After the hectic early morning rush hour in Strasbourg it was nice to get back on safe cycling paths.


You can’t see it in these pictures but the heavy drizzle was non stop.


Coming from, and


going to, on the Rhine Rhone canal.


Finally getting some work done in the warmth of the hut. We cranked it up to 23° 🙂

Day 10 – Friday 07/05
Rest day Boofzheim.

Woke up to a heavy drizzle and decided to stay here another day. We’re getting really spoiled now 😉
Tomorrow the weather forecast is for much better weather so we plan to continue then. For now its just rest here and enjoy some cold Kronenbourg beer in a warm cabin.
Off coarse as I write this the sun is trying to peek through the clouds lol, we feel that if we were to leave today we would have gotten wet, but who cares, its warm in here and the beers taste great and that’s what really counts.


Our nice and comfy cabin.

Day 11 – Saturday 08/05
Boofzheim to Geimsbrunn – 89kms Total 709kms

We followed mostly small “D” roads today and there wasn’t much to see but flat farmland and once in a while a small woodland, as we blew past one small farming community after another.
These roads didn’t have a shoulder but the traffic was light due to it being a Saturday and a holiday in France.
Camping at Heimsbrunn is a bit of a disappointment but for one night its ok I guess.


Early morning ride with blue sky and open fields.


My dashboard.


More open fields, and some threatening clouds moving in.


It was nice once in a while to see some tree’s.


And off coarse always checking if Monique is there.


I thought this picture was nice with the biplane and dark clouds in the background.


Our refreshments cooling off.


It was nice to finally sit back in the sun and out of the wind.

Day 12 – Sunday 09/05
Heimsbrunn to LÍsle-sur-le-Doubs – 71kms Total 780kms

Last night it started to rain so I had to get out of my warm sleeping bag and tighten the tent lines, it was no fun.
We woke up at 06:30 and passed by the reception at 08:00 saw nobody there so we left.
The day began nice and dry with some sun even trying to peek through.
We made our way to the canal and headed towards Montbeliard. The cycling path is great and it was very nice cycling along the canal.
We had quite some luck today, first when we reached Montbeliard we stopped at this market and checked out the fast food tent, got a couple of sausages with fries to eat and as soon as we sat down it started raining, when we finished eating it stopped.
Second when we reached camp as soon as we set up the tent this storm blew in and it stayed raining until noon the next day.
Camping here is not very good, it’s a municipal camping and we think there is a homeless person living in the shower building so we didn’t even bother with a shower.
This weather we’ve been having is not the best one cold front after another with showers every few hours.
So much for our sunshine tour, we should have called it a rain shower tour and maybe then we could have seen a bit more sun.


Early morning after all the rain last night is a great time to ride.


Some of the countryside we rode through on the way to the canal.


I always like to see these canal bridges over rivers. The very first one being canal du Midi in 2006.


This route is part of the Eurovelo route 6 which goes from Nantes to Budapest. Maybe some day we’ll do the whole route.


Riding along the canal was just magical with silk smooth cycling paths.


These birds are usually hard to photograph but this guy was too preoccupied with lunch to notice us.


And one with the name of the canal and the Eurovelo sign.


Monique just enjoying the ride.


She later got tired of being the only one on the pictures so she took one of me.


Having lunch in Montbeliard.

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