LÍsle-sur-le-Doubs, France to Condrieu, France

Day 13 – Monday 10/05
LÍsle-sur-le-Doubs to Basincon – 78kms Total 858kms

OK where to start, it pissed down rain all evening through the night and into this morning. We packed while it was still coming down by the bucket.
Again we passed by the reception and there wasn’t anyone home so we left.
The storm finally broke around 11:30 and the sun began to shine, and it was a relief to see it shine.
Despite the weather, today was one of the most beautiful rides to date. The cycling path Veloroute 6 is perfect, it’s well signposted and goes through heavily forested hillsides with some dramatic cliffs.
Once in Basincon we found the camping to be located on top of this hill and to get to it we needed to ride through some traffic with the temperature reaching 24°, which was not pleasant.
The camping at Basincon is ok, 3 star, clean but a bit expensive.


The day started out horrible but the views and cycling paths made up for it.


It was still a pleasure cycling in the rain.


Monique just kept going enjoying the fresh air and great scenery.


This section of the ride was the best we’ve ridden so far. Click to view larger.


We actually forgot to stop and eat something at times.


We can’t recommend this route enough.


It seemed that around every bend we saw something different.


The Citadel of Besancon.


View towards Besancon.


We passed many of these small water falls today. Each one has a side canal lock for the boats to get over.


Finally got the information about the camping site, we have to double back on a busy road for a few kilometers.


Our spot for the night at camping De Besancon.

Day 14 – Tuesday 11/05
Besancon to Rochefort-sur-Nenon – 61kms Total 919kms

Slept in this morning and when we finally got up and started packing everything we noticed this huge black cloud coming and started to hear thunder. Because of the hillsides we didn’t see it coming until the last minute when we rushed to get everything back into the tent before it was on us. It was a real shame as the tent was dry.
Anyway before it was over we had to dodge three storm fronts before the weather finally broke.
Than came this ferocious head wind just before we reached the camping and what a dump that was, but by now we were so tired we decided to take the chalet. This place was the creepiest we’ve ever stayed at.
The grass had not been cut for so long it almost reached our hips, the chalet was actually a large wooden tool shed with many gaps between the wooden wall planks and it didn’t have any heating. It had these high hedges and it reminded us of the movie The Shining. We kept waking up every time we heard a noise lol. We were just waiting for the guy in the ski mask and machete to come breaking through the door.
Never and I mean NEVER are we ever going to sleep in a place like that again.
The bike ride today was still ok despite the weather.


After breaking camp we managed to cycle the few kilometers back to the citadel before the skies opened up again and we had to take shelter.


Thankfully it didn’t last long and we continued on our way.


It didn’t take long for the great riding to resume.


Monique checking out the pamphlet we picked up at the tourist office yesterday.


Entering Departement du Jura.


Once in a while the rain started again and we needed to take shelter in this old railway tunnel.


When the weather finally broke it began to look better.


A great place to cycle, if it wasn’t for the fierce head winds. Click to view larger.

Day 15 – Wednesday 12/05
Rochefort-sur- Nenon to St.Jean-de-Losne – 41kms Total 960kms

Got up early this morning so we could get the hell out of this camping. We woke up several times last night when we thought we heard something.
Anyway we made our way to the canal and followed it to the beginning at the river Saone. Last night the wind changed direction it is now coming from the North which means it’s gotten a bit colder.
We made it a short day today because of lack of sleep.
Camping here is good but they don’t have any dryer only washing machine and again no wifi.


Leaving the creepy cabin in the woods.


Shortly after getting back on the canal the great views continued.


And finally an action picture of me 🙂


Coming from Jura and


entering Region de Bourgongne.


The beginning or the end of Canal du Rhone au Rhin.


Trying to pinpoint our next camping spot on the Asus eee pc.

Day 16 –  Thursday 13/05
St.Jean-de-Lasne to Chalon-sur-Saone 61kms Total 1021kms

Biggest news today was that we passed our first 1000kms, HURRA!!!
Today passed really nice, we cycled through rivers, canals and small rural roads. The weather was really cold, especially last night we slept with our winter caps on and we rode most of the day with them on.
The only good thing about this camping is the sanitation building (brand new), the rest is not so good.


Breaking camp in the coldest morning so far.


Heading South along the Saone. The silk smooth cycling paths are gone.


We promised this little guy we’ll put him on the web if he stood still for the photo.


Lunch time middle of nowhere France.


Many building around these parts have these “strange looking” rooftops.


HURRA! Our first 1000km mark of the tour.


Chalon-sur-Saone, we’re sure it looks better on a sunny day.

Day 17 – Friday 14/05
Chalon-sur-Saone to Macon – 88kms Total 1109kms

Well this day has been one of the best so far. Getting out of the city was a bit of a hassle but once we found the Greenway cycling route it just got better with every village we passed. We highly recommend this route.
Today we saw several Chateaus, a couple of Castles and we finished the ride going through a 6 minute ride through a tunnel, with the first 150 meter no lights (which made it pretty interesting).
We had ridden part of this route in 2006 on our way to Barcelona.
It was nice remembering that tour again.
Just before we got to this camp another cold front has moved in to brighten our moods lol.
Our bigest concern now is cycling through Lyon.


Never did find out what these flowers were (probably weeds) but they did look nice.


Map of the Voies Vertes cycling route.


The start of the disused railroad track converted into a very nice cycling route.


Interesting that they kept the old railroad stations. Many were converted into homes.


A large panorama of the views from the Voie Verte cycling route.


Lined with many beautiful chateaus.


And one looking better than the last.


The tunnel entrance.


The lit part of the tunnel was not that bad.


We were surprised to find these sparrow nest near the exit of the tunnel.


The exit of the tunnel.


A very beautiful hill top castle soon after the tunnel.


The other end of the Voie Verte cycling route.


We were never truly in danger of malnutrition.

Day 18 – Saturday 15/05
Macon to Anse 62kms Total 1171kms

Today was a bit hectic, we followed D roads but they were very busy, they seemed more like N roads with many trucks. The ride today is best described as too noisy, too windy and too cold. I guess we have to take the bad with the good. So we weren’t in the mood for many pictures.
This ride was just about getting as close to Lyon as possible so we could go through it on Sunday morning quickly. We’re sure Lyon is beautiful but we really don’t like riding through big cities.
Camping here claims to be four star but we’ve seen one star camping’s looking better.


The cathedral in Macon.

Day 19 – Sunday 16/05
Anse to Condrieu – 85kms Total 1256kms

Got up early this morning, we were on the road by 08:00. Yesterday evening about 30 bikers showed up and started partying until late night.
We picked the right day to cycle through Lyon, traffic was light and we made good time. Again we had a bit of a problem getting out of this city.
Afterwards the ride was on good roads but a bit noisy as it ran alongside a motorway.
We were looking for a good camping to have a rest day but this one isn’t it, tomorrow we continue. All this great weather we’ve been having lately is taking it’s toll.


The road to Lyon.


Some of these wall murals were very beautiful.


At places the river was like glass.


Finally Lyon.


We’re sure this city has much to offer but we were not in the mood to cycle around this place.


We were happy in was Sunday and not much traffic.


No shortage of tour buses. One of the reasons we don’t like visiting cities.


Impresive hilltop cathedral.


Lovely to see these white geese making a nest on the river bank in the middle of the city.


We came across this land slide, that crushed piece of metal used to be a van.


Off coarse the road was blocked and I had to lift the bikes over the barriers.




A beautiful cathedral in Vienne.


Near the camping there was this cable assisted water ski park. You pay the fee, put on you water skies, wait for the cable to come around than you grab it and ride around in circles. Whatever makes your boat float I guess. Click to view larger.

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