Nantes, France to Plouguerneau, France

Day 128 – Sunday 29/08
Nantes to Savenay – 51kms Total 6689kms

We got on the road at 09:00 and cycled out of town on small rural roads. Another typically good cycling day with good weather, good roads and light traffic.
Stopped at this local market looking for something to eat and found this Chinese stand with some nice looking dishes so we splurged and got some tasty beef stew, seafood stew and Cantonese rice. Later on we stopped at this village bar that was closed and used their plastic table and chairs to have lunch. It was a bit heavy and it made cycling a lot tougher afterwards.
We’re not sure which way to go from tomorrow but most likely we won’t be going through St.Nazaire, we’ll most likely cycle around this town. We’re really not in the mood for any more large cities.
We met this Canadian couple when we got to the campsite and they suggested we take the Nantes – Brest canal as its well organized with many municipal campgrounds at regular intervals.
We will certainly look into it in the morning. Camping here is OK.


Cathedral in Nantes.


The well fortified Chateau in Nantes.


And very well kept up.


Almost looks like a castle.


Most of the day was spent riding along rural roads.


Highlight of the day, some very good tasting Chinese food. Only problem was we wanted to take a siesta afterwards.

Day 129 – Monday 30/08
Avenay to Peillac – 70kms Total 6759kms

This morning we decided to check out what the Canadians suggested and taking the canal looks like a great idea. It does mean it would delay getting to the coast by a few days.
We began riding North along the D3 until we reached the canal than started the long and quiet ride along a beautiful cycling path.
We did get off of it for a bit and ended up doing a couple of hills but we soon found it again.
Camping here is OK, but there is hardly anyone here, only two caravans and us.


We saw this strange looking plane this morning.


Another great cycling day.


The Nantes Brest canal turned out to be another highlight of the tour.


Some of the cycling was done on packed gravel.


And a new Departement.

Day 130 – Tuesday 31/08
Peillac to Josseline – 56kms Total 6815kms

Got on the road at 09:00 and directly on the cycling path. The temperature was cool (from the northern wind) but the sky crystal clear.
The day went by pretty good along the nice but rough cycling path.
When we reached Josseline we checked out the tourist office and asked about visiting the chateau and they said it was only possible by guided tour. We reluctantly checked it out and were very pleased by the tour. It was very informative and the nice lady was very pleasant to listen too, about the whole thousand year history of the place.
I should mention that it was also very nice for the people at the chateau that let us keep our bikes on the grounds while we took the tour. Highly recommended.
Camping here is ok.


The trek was a bit rough for a while but the views more than made up for it.


We never get tired of riding along canals.


And some beautiful old villages.


We thought this was a bit hilarious, couldn’t figure out the reason why anyone would do it other than attention 🙂


First view of chateau Josseline.


Very old looking building in Josseline.


Chateau Josseline.


Church tower with strong signs of it’s Celtic history.


Chateau Josseline is still lived in so they requested no picture be taken of the interior.


Chateau Josseline grounds.


Chapel in Josseline also showing signs of it’s Celtic history.

Day 131 – Wednesday 01/09
Josseline to Gouarec – 90kms Total 6905kms

Another good day cycling along the canal. Good clear, cloudless skies and nice and a quiet cycling path.
After a few kilometers the path came to a dead end and we found ourselves facing a high dam which we had to cycle around and over to get to the artificial lake it formed and eventually around this lake to get back on the canal on the other side.
We passed another château after the lake which really looked like it needed some TLC.
I should mention that to get around this lake we had to follow the V6 which is really a greenways track or disused railway that is converted to a cycling path.
Again camping is cheap and basic but ok for the night.


More great cycling.


A series of locks.


The dam at Lac de Guerledan.


Riding around Lac de Gueledan. Click to view larger.


The well sign posted Voies Vertes cycling path.


Just great cycling.


The unloved chateau.

Day 132 – Thursday 02/09
Gouared to Chateauneuf-de-Faou – 77kms Total 6982kms

Another uneventful but great cycling day. We rode past many locks today and over the highest point of the canal at 184m. Apart from that it was quite uneventful.
Camping is ok.


More great cycling on a sunny day.


More locks.


A lovely old chapel.


Just can’t beat this for easy and quiet cycling.


Finally the highest point.


No comment.


Monique truly enjoying the day.


One of our favorite sections of the canal. Click to view larger.

Day 133 – Friday 03/09
Chateauneuf-de-Faou to St. Jean (Brest) – 87kms Total 7069kms

Got up this morning to a heavy mist. But as soon as the sun came out it quickly burned it away and the day turned out perfect again. Today was very nice as we finally got off the canal, it has been great cycling along the canal but after several days it was becoming a bit of a bore.
As soon as we got off the canal the hills started and they were several today which made cycling quite challenging. We did catch our first glimpse of the ocean and when we got back down to sea level at Le Faou we saw the low tide and the small boats stranded. Another highlight of the tour we passed the 7000 kilometer mark.
Camping at St.Jean is pretty good.


It has been quite some time since we woke to a misty morning.


More great cycling.


With some great views.


We were a bit surprised to see falling leaves already.


No comment.


More Celtic inspired architecture.


The point where the L’Aulne empties into the Atlantic ocean, from Pont-de-Buis-les-Quimerch.


Monique checking out an ancient monument along the D770 at Pont-de-Buis-les-Quimerch.


Rest stop at Daoulas at low tide.

Day 134 – Saturday 04/07
St. Jean (Brest) to Dunes (near Landeda) 90kms Total 7159kms

Woke up late at 09:00 and were on the road by 10:30. We are getting very tired and need a few rest days soon.
The plan today was to reach to ocean and find a nice hotel or B&B but no such luck.
It was great to finally reach the ocean and we are very happy for that. It is another milestone for us as we have now crossed Europe yet again this time from Venice to Brest the NW tip of France, just over 3000 kilimeters.
Anyway it’s another campground this evening, hopefully tomorrow will bring us more luck in finding a suitable place to rest for a few days.
Camping here is OK.


The E60 bridge over the L’Elorn with Bret on the other side.


Monique looking out at the Atlantic and Brest from the bridge.


Last view of the bridge.


Panorama of the Atlantic ocean. Click to view larger.


Monique truly enjoying the ride along the Atlantic coast.


Looking a bit weathered and loving it, after four months and 7000kms on the road.


Now how can I do this more often?


And our trusty steeds posing.

Day 135 to 138 – Sunday 05/09 till Wednesday 08/09
Dunes to St. Michel, Plouguerneau – 23kms Total 7182kms

Well what luck today. We got up very slowly this morning and slowly put our stuff together and got on the road. The Plan today is to cycle along the coast in search of a Hotel – B&B or caravan in a camping. And after a few kilometers we did at Camping De La Greve Blanche.
We rented what they call here a Roulotte and its on a great spot with a beautiful ocean view. It’s fully loaded with heating, complete kitchen, shower, toilet small room with two bunk beds and a nice double bed. We found the prices quite reasonable so we plan to chill here for a few days, restoring our energy and blood alcohol levels back to normal 🙂
Also the owner Loig, is very helpful with all our questions and needs, so whether for a day or four we highly recommend this camping.
I should also mention that we were just in time because this evening the skies opened up and its raining pretty good outside. And the weather forecast says its the same for the next few days.


Our home for the next several days.


View from our Roulotte. Click to view larger.


Another panorama of the Atlantic from the campground. Click to view larger.




We just loved this place, and if we’re ever in this area again we’ll be coming back.


Just can’t beat this lifestyle.


Another great sunset and an end to another part of our tour.

We really enjoyed this part of the tour, the beautiful Nantes – Brest canal and reaching the Atlantic ocean. For us it was also a milestone to have a actually crossed Europe from Venice the Southeast to Brest the Northwest tip of France, and we loved every minute of it.

Continue on from, Plouguerneau to Omaha beach.