Favorite sites

Looking for more inspiration? Than you came to the right place.

www.crazyguyonabike.com This is one of our most visited websites. It contains journals of touring cyclists from all over the world. We use it quite a bit especially in those long, cold winter nights. It is a great source of inspiration to both of us.

www.trentobike.org This is another great site for inspiration. Here some of the journals are in different languages.

www.travellingtwo.com is a great site with a lot of information about bicycle touring. A must read for everyone that’s into touring.

www.adventurecycling.org Loads of information on touring.

www.cyclingdutchgirl.com This girl’s courage and sense of adventure is phenomenal, we really enjoy following her as she travels the world. A great inspiration. A must see is the video/slideshow she’s created in Australia, Waltzing Matilda. Makes us want to just pick up our bikes and hit the road. Just brilliant.

www.velo-touren.ch We met this like minded young man on our way to Barcelona. An inspiration to all, we hope he never stops touring.

A new one to the list is from Harry Kikstra. He has cycled the Americas North to South and climbed the 7 continental high points.
We were privileged to have hosted Harry through Warmshowers and hope our paths cross again someday.

Have a question that we can’t help with? Try out these two forums.

www.bikeforums.net Mostly American.

www.cyclechat.co.uk Mostly United Kingdom.

Looking for a place to stay with like minded travelers? We’re members of Warmshowers.

www.warmshowers.org Hospitality for cycling tourists. It’s free but donations are accepted.

www.couchsurfing.org Hospitality for travelers, cyclists included.

If you’re like us and prefer to camp here’s where we look for them.

www.eurocampings.nl This is the ACSI camping guide. Comes in different languages and has loads of rated camping’s around Europe.

http://en.camping.info This has a lot of rated and unrated camping’s around Europe. It has many small municipal camping’s that ACSI does not.

Camping.Info by POIbase This is a great FREE app from google play. It has helped up numerous times.

This is the app that we have used to find our way for many years.

http://maps.me There are many app’s that travelers use but for many years we’ve used this one.
Maybe in the future we’ll try another but this has never let us down.