Tennsee, Germany to Maastricht, The Netherlands

Day 14 Tensee to Ammersee – 92kms

We finally got on the road at 08:30 to a clear and cool Sunday morning with a very cool Northern wind. The first 20kms or so to Garmisch-Partenkirchen were a fantastic downhill. Than we turned and were treated to 30km +/-3% downhill through one of the most picturesque valleys we’ve ever ridden. For all the work we did yesterday the rewards were nothing less than spectacular. We just fell in love with this part of Germany. The cold Northern wind persisted the whole day but it was OK. Overall it was a great ride. Camping here is OK at €18, just a good place to stop. For dinner we had our first curry-worst and it was one of the best we’ve eaten. The lake this time of year is extremely busy.


Nice to wake up to a cool and crystal clear day.


Beautiful, cool morning with a downhill on a car free cycling path, what more can we ask for.


Just before Garmisch-Partenkirchen we saw many organized cycling tourist.


Pictures cannot do this area justice, it really is that nice to cycle here.


And with a 3% downhill grade, pure heaven.


Staffelsee from the St2372.


Right after Weilheim in Oberbayern on the river Ammer.


Ammersee from Diessen am Ammersee. Probably better looking off season.

Day 15 Ammersee to Lech-camping, North of Augsburg – 69kms

What a day again. We cycled West by Northwest the whole day just following cycling that headed in the general way we wanted to go. We cycled through beautiful wooded areas, little villages and hamlets and some rough stuff (unpaved tracks) through quiet wooded areas, cycling heaven. Camping here is OK if a bit pricey but we can’t complain it’s a very nice area to cycle through and we really enjoyed it. Tomorrow we’ll try to get on the Romantisch Strasse than we’ll see how far we get.


A beautiful start to another cycling day.


Great views from quiet country lanes.


Great views from quiet country lanes.


Rolling farmland.


We saw a few of these towers but couldn’t figure out what they were.


Just had to take a picture of the silverish green colored grain field. Pictures doesn’t do it justice though.


We tried some rough stuff through this large wooded area. Our tablet with GPS and the application Maps With Me, came in real handy as we didn’t get lost.


Stopped for ice cream in Konigsbrunn were we saw this sign.

Day 16 Lech-see camping to Donauworth – 51kms

We got on the road at 09:00 after a good nights sleep. We found the Romantisch Strasse and followed the route through beautiful little villages that were surprisingly clean. I mean the people in this area really take care of their villages. One would be hard pressed to find even a small piece of paper on the road. A shortish ride today because after Donauworth there isn’t another camping for +/-50kms. The camping is really a canoe club and extremely primitive, they have showers but communal, LOL, thanks but no thanks, that’s were I draw the line and take out the wetties. The menager didn’t show and if he doesn’t show in the morning he will not get the €12 for our stay, it’s not even worth €2. The weather today was extreme warm with threatening clouds, but nothing materialized.


More great cycling.


Crossing the Lech river.


Lovely cycling paths and various dedicated cycling routes.


We never figured out what these huge poles mean.


A beautiful old house along the Romanisch Strasse.


Crossing the Donau.


Where the Donau and Wornitz rivers meet in Donauworth.

Day 17 Donauworth to Dinkelsbuhl – 71kms

We got underway around 08:00 and were treated to a beautiful day of cycling with great landscapes, fantastic weather and mostly flat. We had some headwinds but it was still a good ride. We highly recommend this route.


As soon as we got out of Donauswoth the nice cycling paths started.


We really enjoyed cycling along these rural roads with no traffic at all.


The town of Harburg up ahead.


The cycling continued along the Wornitz river valley.


We always enjoy riding along dedicated bike routes because of the benches that are provided. Here were having our second breakfast.


First time we’ve seen this sign. Must be a lot of cat’s around here.


A few kilometers after taking this picture we lost the Romantisch Strasse and ended up on the busy main road 25 for the last 10kms to Dinkelsbuhl with many trucks which was not a pleasant experience.

Day 18 Dinkelsbuhl to Laudenbach – 88kms

We hit the road around 8 and for the first half or the route we made our own way. Ever since Donausworth we’ve been following the Wornitz river and today we followed it to its source near Schillingsfurst. Than it was downhill for a while until Rothenburg were we started to follow the Tauber river. At Weikersheim we turned south for about 3 kilometers following the Vorbach to Laudenbach and camping Schwabenmuhle. Today we met quite a few cycling tourists but most were very serious looking, we mostly get at least a smile but no these guys were very serious looking 🙂 Camping here is nice if a bit expensive at €20 but its very clean, seems new and run by this very nice and helpful couple. So good value for money.


This is not part of the Romantisch Strasse but it was still very beautiful without any traffic. This morning it was quite chilly and we both needed two t-shirts. The cold Northern headwinds have been with us ever since we got into Germany. But by late afternoon it got very hot and even the headwinds weren’t enough to cool us down.


Just another difficult day touring the German back roads 😉


Some of the views we had along the way.


We even took some unpaved roads.


And a picture of the roadside map of the Romantische Strasse


The castle in Rothenburg outside.


And inside the first courtyard. Wanted to check it out but (not shown in the picture) there were too many tourists.


And the plaque to prove it.


The downhill to the Tauber river begins right next the castle wall.


Looking back at Rothenburg from half way down the hill. Click on picture to view better.


At first we thought that following the Tauber downriver would be easy but we found out that there are several difficult hills to negotiate along the way.


But with the hills also come great views.


Just before the camping the heat was getting unbearable.

Day 19 Laudenbach to Campingplatz Wassersportverein Offenbach, Frankfurt – 92kms cycling

What a day today. Let me start with last night, it rained pretty good which helped cool things down a bit and by morning it stopped. The cold Northern wind persisted and at times was blowing real hard. The first 40kms we followed the Tauber to Werbach after which we turned left heading Northeast towards Wurzburg. The climbing started gradual and as we continued up the valley it got steeper and steeper when finally it just droped just before the village of Werbach, crossed the E43 than climbed again at 10% up to Werbach. There was still a bit more climbing to Hochberg before the long downhill to Wurzburg. Our original plan was to spend the night there and tomorrow get the train to Aachen before cycling the 30kms to Maastricht. But after arriving in Wurzburg we found the city overtaken with tourists, we could barely make our way to the train station to get tickets for tomorrow. So we changed plans ones again. Take the train this evening to Frankfurt, camp there for the night and tomorrow hop on the next train to Aachen. After all Frankfurt is central and we had to change trains their anyway. Camping Wassersportverein is expensive and real bad stay if you can’t find a better place. All in all it was a challenging but truly amazing day.


The day started out flat but it was a bit chilly hence the long sleeves.


One of the many times we had to cross the Tauber.


More great cycling paths before Tauberbischofsheim.


We took our second breakfast behind this tower in Tauberbischofsheim.


And the front of the tower in Tauberbischofsheim, now a museum.


Taking a breather near the top of the first climb after the village of Oberalterheim.


Crossing the Main in Wurzburg.


The bridge over the Main.

Day 20 Campingplatz Wassersportverein Offenbach, Frankfurt to Maastricht – cycled 45kms

We were up and out of this terrible camping by 07:00. We wanted to make sure we caught the earliest possible train out of Frankfurt because we had a couple of transfers before getting to Aachen. The way to Frankfurt Hdb was pretty quick this time of the day and after getting the tickets we boarded right away. All connections went perfect with only one we had to rush and there wasn’t an elevator so I just picked up the bikes one at a time and carried them up and down the flights of stairs, not easy. The rest of the trip Aachen was perfect. The ride from Aachen home was also great, it is always nice coming home after a near perfect tour. Looking back we were right to take the train from Lake Garda to the top of Brenner pass. It saved us some money and about three days cycling and we wouldn’t have ridden the Romantisch Strasse to Wurzburg. It is proven again that if you follow your feelings everything will work out right.


Crossing the Mainz near Frankfurt.


Looking at the Mainz, upstream.


Some of the cycling to Frankfurt was on a nice cycling path along the Mainz.


On the N278 heading for home.


The last hill of the tour, heading for Ingber from Gulpen.


On the plateau just a few kilometers before home.


Finally home. Our daughter Femke was there with the wine chilled and cooking us a nice welcome home dinner.

This has been a fantastic tour which we truly enjoyed. Unfortunately it will be a long time before Italy see’s us again, just too damn expansive 🙂