A short ride through Denmark – part 1

17-06 till 26-06

The plan was conceived in mid April evening while planning for a summer tour. We came across a cheap flight on Ryanair and decided to fly to a new country for a tour and when we tired and or the weather turned we would just find a way home.
We knew from past experience that the German trains are bike friendly and cheap so we didn’t worry about returning home.
The tour was great with the exceptions of the first and last days.

Day 1 – Copenhagen airport to Bronshoj (Warmshowers host) 19kms

The first day was horrible.

The night before our friend came late so we ended up with only about two hours of sleep before we loaded up our bikes and bags for the airport. We had to call in a couple of favors (and pay) just to get to Charleroi airport. About a week before leaving we found that Charleroi airport security did/does not have a drop off point. So we needed to get into the parking garage which was quite tight with a large station wagon pulling a trailer with two bike boxes.
Once at the airport we found out that they didn’t have any baggage push-cars which made me run around and ask/beg for one so I could bring the huge bike boxes and duffel bags to the check in counter.
On the printed boarding pass it said Terminal 1, so when we got there with all our stuff we were informed that Terminal 1 was where the plane would park in Copenhagen and we needed to be in Terminal 2.
Now WTF??? I thought the boarding pass points to where one has to be at the departing airport not the fucking parking spot of the plane upon arrival. I was glad that Monique was there to calm me down, because I was just about to lose it.
Needless to say we were quite relieved to be finally on the plane.

Once on the plane the day was already beginning to look better

Despite the cheap tickets the plane was about a quarter full

Copenhagen a few minutes before landing

Getting on with the business of setting up the bikes

And just after an hour we were all set to go

Right away we were on the superb Danish cycling paths

On the Bryggebroen looking East (click to view larger)

And looking West (click to view larger)

We just wished we weren’t as tired so we could enjoy the city more. We tried in vain to find a CV470 campingaz canister for our burner but none of the outdoor shops carried them. So after checking out several locations we gave up and headed out of the city

Inner city Copenhagen. Some cycling paths had these red circles with a C on them. They are like cycling highways for quick access to the city center from the suburbs.
We slowly made our way to the suburb of Bronshoj and Mathias our Warmshowers host. We were both really tired by now and just wished to have a shower eat something and just chill.
Mathias was a nice guy and a good cook. We shared a couple of beers before going to bed early. unfortunately his girlfriend came a bit later but we were in bed.
We slept like logs.

Day 2 – Bronshoj to Frederiksvaerk – 57kms Total 76kms

We felt like students sleeping on a way too soft bed behind a desk full of computer equipment in the basement. But we were so tired we slept good. unfortunately our host Mathias and his girlfriend had to leave early so we didn’t have a chance to talk anymore. We just got our stuff together, had a quick breakfast (without coffee) and loaded our bikes.
It was cold, overcast and windy when we got underway. Mathias was kind enough to find were we could get some campingaz, so we headed a few kilometers North to the Auto Parts Store thansen.dk where they sold them.
Afterwards we just headed Northwest in the general direction towards Frederiksvaerk.

Riding alongside Hillerodmotorvejen heading to Buddinge

We were about an hour early so we rode 200m up Gladsaxevej street to Granny’s house for a coffee and sweet roll.

Riding along Frederiksborgvej near Fureso lake

After Farum we took smaller rural roads. By now the head wind picked up and stayed with us for the rest of the trip

And for the first time ever we came accross a free roaming pig farm

A saw with her huge litter. They all seemed so happy

Near Gorlose these dark rain clouds blew over with thunder and about 10 minutes of rain (click to view larger)

By the time we reached the Arreso lake (in the distance) on the Hillerodvej it began to clear up (click to view larger)

Right after Kregme there was this one last hill to climb before cycling down to Frederiksvaerk. It was a struggle after cycling against the headwinds all day.
We were thinking of going a bit further but these dark clouds appeared so we decided to stay at the camping in Frederiksvaerk. It was a good decision because as soon as we pitched the tent it started to rain pretty hard. We didn’t even have time to unpack we just waited it out in the tent. When it did stop sometime later we walked to the supermarket nearby got supplies.
It was a great first day cycling in Denmark, with great cycling paths and country roads, courteous drivers but the headwinds and hills took their toll. The camping was very good but expansive at €23

Day 3 –  Frederiksvaerk to Camping Blommehaven (south of Aarhus) – 58kms Total 134kms

It rained quit a bit last night but by morning it began to clear up. Today was quite interesting as we had two ferry rides that will take us all the way to Aarhus. We were glad to have had such a beautiful day despite the headwinds. Fantastic views coupled with the fresh sea air we truly enjoyed the ride. Looking back it was the best day of the whole tour.
Camping Blommehaven was huge and quite expensive at €24.

Breakfast set up

Slowly getting ready to hit the road

Riding along Amtsvejen to Hundested

Leaving Hundested

By now the wind had really picked up and while looking towards Rorvig I noticed a row-boat struggling in the windy conditions

Some brave/crazy people

Leaving Rorvig on the Mollebakken or road number 225

The Oddenvej was quiet for most of the way with great scenery all around

We found a nice spot for lunch

And despite being close to the road it was quite peaceful

After some climbing the views began to get better

The panoramic view looking towards Sejero Bugt at the Oddenvej and GI Ebbelokkevej (click to view larger)

Looking North from the GI Ebbelokkevej (click to view larger)

Still on the GI Ebbelokkevej looking West just before a nice downhill (click to view larger)

Back on the Oddenvej just before Molslinjen and our ferry to Aarhus

Ok we seem happy but this very nice and clean ferry was extremely expensive at €90 for the two of us and the bikes. The problem was that we bought the tickets on the same day of travel. If we were to buy them the day before they would have been half price.
What a fucking rip-off, seeing that the damn boat was almost empty. It turned out to be the only bad experience we had in Denmark.

On the plus side it was comfortable and fast

Climate planet Aarhus

Our futuristic looking and very expensive ferry

We didn’t bother hanging around Aarhus. The cost of that ferry ride left a bad taste in our mouths so we just got some cash at the ATM and got the hell out of town. Soon afterwards we found this nice cycling path that took us right to the camping.

Day 4 – Camping Blommehaven to Husodde Strand Camping near Horsens – 47kms Total 183kms

Got up to some severe winds and we had a tough time putting the tent away. Thankfully it died down by the time we hit the road.
against the advise of the camping manager we took what we thought was a more straight and less hilly route along the Gammel Horsensvej (433) and some cycling paths once in a while. unfortunately it turned out longer and much more hilly. Note take the advice of the locals.
The views were still great and the drivers very courteous. Along with the high wind which was coming from the Southwest right into our faces there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was baking us.
The camping was again expensive but really nice, and on the beach. Now this place we recommend.

Not many pictures today, we got caught up riding on this beautiful day that we just forgot to take many.
Here I am just after leaving camp checking out our route using maps.me app in our view the best map app out there

A country road in a new county on a beautiful day

As we were the only cyclists we just took over the whole area

We had to move one the benches in the shade it was just to hot in the sun. We did go to the beach to check out the water but my toes became blue after a few seconds submerged so we just settled for a nice shower

Day 5 – Husodde Stand Camping to  Dancamps Kolding – 68kms Total 251kms

What a day. There was really one way to cycle today and that was a straight line from Horsens to Vejle to Kolding. Most of the ride was along car free cycling paths. It was a beautiful and very hot day, again warm head winds coming from the South.
We also had 3 tough hills, the toughest being after Vejle but the hardest just before the camping after Kolding which was very hot and at the end of the day.
Camping’s are getting better and better as we go along this one even had dishwashers 🙂

Most of the day was riding next to busy roads like this one the 170 after Horsens

We also rode along some nice quiet rural roads always heading in the general direction of Vejle

It did get quite hot along these unshaded  roads

One of many churches we passed

Just peaceful riding


Now we had to take a picture of these bike. It is new and they are for sale but why?
It doesn’t look very comfortable and looks to weigh a ton.

Even on the busy(er) 451 the riding road was never a fear.  Great roads and plenty of room

And getting a bit borred

Also had to keep an eye on my better half

Nearing Husodde Strand Camping. Just another great day cycling.

Denamrk part 2