A short ride through Denmark – part 2

Day – 5 Husodde Strand Camping to Kolding – 71 kms Total 251

Highlights of the day, very hot, strong headwinds and 3 difficult hills to navigate. All in all a great cycling day.

Breakfast selfie

We quickly found the cycling path to Horsens city center

Promising to be another great day of cycling. Horsens in the distance

The suburbs were immaculate, as usual

While riding along the 170 we found this fish farm between Remmerslund and Hedensted were we had a lovely lunch. Have to say they had some decent size fish in there.

Just a lovely day of cycling

Just before the steep downhill into Vejle

Climbing out of Vejle. In the midday sun it was quite difficult.

Day – Kolding to Ribe – 64 kms Total 315 kms

Highlights for the day. Easiest day so far, great weather and a few small hills. When we stopped for a few pictures a couple hillbilly looking guys pulled over and said something to Monique but when they saw me approaching from the other side they took off. Very strange indeed, just to show you can never let your guard down.
Finally had a tail wind if it was only for the last eight kilometers ridding South to Ribe. The weather was great the whole day but the wind has gotten a bit colder.
The camping at Ribe is not cheap but it’s a whole new level of luxury.

Heading to the West coast. Great countryside but we are noticing the weather is changing. Getting cooler and clouds moving in

Many roads were lined with these kind of rose bushes and were very aromatic

While Monique was taking this picture these two guys pulled over. They didn’t look friendly at all but when they saw me coming from the other side they just took off. Made me nervous enough to keep checking my rear view mirror for the next several kilometers.

From the road we spotted this really nice corner out of the wind to have lunch

The grass was so thick it was like a shag carpet. As usual we did not leave anything but our footprints when we finished

One of many pretty churches along the way

Along the 24 heading south towards Ribe

Our set up at the luxurious camping in Ribe.
Have to say though there was a strange noise coming from a factory that was operating all night behind the woods

Day 7 – Ribe to Dagebull, Germany – 85 kms Total 400 kms

Highlights for the day, mostly ridden on long boring roads next to the north sea. Some of the way was along gravel paths and the north sea cycling route which was clearly marked. The weather was good, dry and a cold(er) tailwind.
Camping was not so good. A disappointment actually after Ribe. Owners tried to charge us an extra night because we left at 12:30 due to an early morning storm that we had to sit out. Monique got upset about it and just thru the money for one night at the owner and marched out. He didn’t pursue the mater.

On the 11 just south of Ribe

Clearly overcast. After last nights storm the weather has gotten colder and grayer.

Along the 419

A little cottage on the shores of the north sea

Found this lovely spot for lunch at Besterende Ballum

Took another break at Hjespsted

After all those days riding in the sun 🙂 Monique in her element

Strange coast line, rough and uninviting

We followed the 419 turning inland

We took another break at the Hojer Molle in Hojer Vandtarn, nice coffee and pie

Leaving Denmark at Rudbol and entering Germany at Rosenkranz

Back to familiar German cycling networks. But the cycling paths themselves were really not up to par with the Danish cycling paths.
Cycling paths in southern Germany are much better than the north

Every time we visit Germany the first meal will be curryworst met pommes washed down with a nice Germany beer. Don’t ask how we got into this habit we’ve forgotten.

Day 8 – Dagebull to Husumer Camping platz, Husum – 50 kms Total 450 kms

Finally got underway at 12:30 in a bit of a foul mood no thanks to the owner of the camping in Dagebull trying to rip us off. Add to that the wind direction has changed once more and we now have a strong head wind.
By the time we got to the camping it had started to get cold with some rain. It did stop later in the evening. Camping here is reasonable.

Panorama of the north sea from Schluttsiel Fhrhafen

Were we stopped for breakfast

Many ferries leave from here for the nearby islands

Looking back at the Schluttsiel Fahrhafen in the distance from the L191

Quite a lot of birds use the protected Speicherbecken for a rest stop during their migration

Later on the wind changed again now at Reussenkoge we had a fierce crosswind

Soon after this picture it began to rain. We were glad we were near our destination, Husum.

Day 9 – Husum to Campingplatz Klein-Westerland on the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal near Hochdonn – 48 kms Total 598 kms

 Last night a storm blew in with such high winds I needed to get out and tighten down the tent with extra guy lines.
Highlights of the day, one small village after another (quite boring actually), gray and much colder weather with a strong force 5/6 cross wind all day. Our mood has change dramatically ever since we crossed into Germany. Made it to the camping just in time as it began to rain, thankfully it didn’t last long.
Camping here is not that bad, typical family camping with many permanent caravans.

The tree in the center of the picture tells the story of the day. Very cold, strong cross winds, overcast day with some drizzle now and then.
Not a pleasant experience.

There were breaks from the wind when we rode through wooded areas.

Day 10 – Camping Klein-Westerland to Aachen, Germany – 6 kms Total 604 kms

This morning it was just pissing down rain. We decided to just head for the nearest train station at Burg(Dithm) (about 6 kms) and just head back home. We have had enough cold, headwinds and cross winds we were just not in the mood to cycle anymore. The scenery is just as we were cycling a few kilometers from Maastricht and after a fantastic week cycling across Denmark we weren’t in the mood to spoil it by pushing along through northern Germany in this weather.
Well that turned out to be an adventure in itself with about half a dozen trains and several delays (due to strikes) in between we finally managed to get into Aachen at 22:00 got some McDonald burgers and just checked into the Ibis hotel. After we sorted ourselves in the room we just hit the bar for several beers and unwind. What a day.

Plenty of room in the German trains. We just wished all the countries would reserve so much space for cyclists.

On some trains whole amateur cycling teams would come.

Day 11 – Aachen to Maastricht – 31 kms Total 635 kms

Took our time getting up, made some coffee in our room and had some left over cookies before getting our stuff together and checking out. We found our way to the N278 and headed home. After yesterdays ordeal we felt good to finally be cycling home.

Looking north from the Rijksweg (N278) just before Cadier en Keer

Finally home and enjoying our favorite beers Monique is partial to Karmeliet Tripel which is a white beer while my latest favorite is the Westmalle double which is a dark beer.

We were extremely lucky with the weather on this tour as everyone knows it’s difficult to find a whole week with hot and sunny weather in Denmark. After we settled down to riding in this new country the initial planning problems at the start of the tour were quickly forgotten. We loved Denmark its people and their mentality of keeping their cities and countryside so clean. And lets not forget their perfect cycling paths.
The last couple of days were a bit trying as the weather changed for the worst. The initial plan was to cycle all the way home but we feared a week-long ride with cold and rain would spoil the wonderful experience we had in Denmark. So the decision to just take the train home was made.
We would love to visit again as we feel that we just scratched the surface of this beautiful country.