Our new bikes

The new bikes are from the German company Cube.
There are several Travel models in the series, we chose these for the following reasons.
This model comes with a longer wheel base, disc brakes, wider tires (622-55), the price and finally the color.

30/11/2018 Just picked up our new bikes from Profile Evers Maastricht.
I’ve known these guy’s since the winter of 2004 when I bought my first touring bike and they were very helpful with everything.
Now comes the fun part of turning them into touring bikes.
We’ve already ordered the Brooks Flyer saddles, Tubus Tara (big apple) front racks, MTB platform pedals, bar ends from BBB and Cateye Velo+ wireless computers.
So another week or so and the bikes will be transformed into fully fledged tourers.


Click to view larger or follow this link.

Update 12/04/2019

It has been a while and a lot has happened, mostly bad. It seems that we cannot find any time for ride these bikes. Between work obligations, cold weather and personal injuries we’ve only managed a few 30km rides. Hopefully this trend will change and we will be able to finally enjoy these bikes.
So far the plan is to take three weeks in June and cycle South from Maastricht through Luxemburg to Nancy, France, than East to the Rhine than North to Cologne and West to Maastricht.
Anyway fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.

Tour ready, on one of our short rides on the Albert canal in Belgium.

Update 25/01/2020

After several small rides at the end of 2019 I’ve noticed that the gear ratios were higher than our old bikes so I bought new cranks for both bikes and now we have the same gear ratios than the old bikes.

Old bike’s had 22-32-42 and 8 speed 11/32 cassettes with 700/35c tires which = 0.71 ratio

New bike’s are 22-32-44 and 9 speed 11/34 cassettes with 700/55c tires which = 0.71 ratio
”       ”     were 26-36-46                                     ”                                       which = 0.84 ratio

Not getting any younger 🙂