To Freiburg and back
from 1/9 till 17/9 2006

The Plan

We will ride East to Wesseling, Germany were we get on the Rhine river and head South to Strasbourg, take a day to check out the city, and continue on to Freiburg, near the Black Forest.
From Freiburg we cycle west into hill country to Epinal, France, were we get on the Mosel river and ride north towards Luxemburg. From Luxemburg we take a day to see the city before we continue North over more hills all the way back home to Maastricht.
Estimated distance is around 1200 kms, we have allowed ourselves several extra days for rest and sight seeing.

Part 1  Maastricht to Freiburg, Germany

Part 2  Freiburg, Germany to Maastricht

Preparations and notes

27 July 2006

We have truly got the bug now, we can't get enough of touring. We were just 3 weeks back from Barcelona and we cycled to the North Sea to Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
Unfortunately the weather was not with us again and we had to cut it short a bit, we got there and about a third of the way back when we were forced to take the train as a western storm (or sea storm) came up.
We have been planning this latest tour (Maastricht Freiburg Maastricht) for a couple of weeks now but have not made up our minds if we will be doing it. Now that we are sure I have started this page.
We will be camping all the way, trying to find small campgrounds by farms, and we will be cooking everything we eat, so no fast foods :-( 
We are just curious to see just how little we can spend on this tour.
If we average about 90 kms per day we will have 4 extra days for sight-seeing or in case we get some bad weather.
We are also in the beginning stages of planning our next long tour in the spring or maybe even fall of 2007.

This is Monique's new handle bar setup. She was having shoulder and steering problems with the butterfly bars, so we decided to try out straight bars. Same set up that I have.
The first couple of rides were good so we hope it will be the end of these problems.

27 August 2006

Finally here again, five days to go before our little tour of Germany, France, Luxemburg and Belgium. Getting excited all over again, we really can't wait to begin.
We both have missed life on the road, getting up in the mornings to fresh air, getting our stuff together, riding through beautifull contryside all day long without a care in the world.
I have made the final plan, the only change is that we will not be going directly east to the Rhine river, but more of a ESE direction, we like to see more of the Eiffel region, Germany, finally reaching the Rhine a few kms further south.
The km estimate is still about 1200kms(+), I added the plus because we have a maximum of 18 days, and if everything goes to plan we will have many extra days so we might make a small detour, maybe the go into the black forest or go into Switzerland for a day.
Our only worry is the weather, it has been raining on and off for the past two weeks here and we hope and pray it will slow down a bit for this tour.

31 August

Tomorrow is the day, we are both very nervous now. The bikes are ready, I had to replace the front breaks on Monique's bike and my rear breaks. We had bought a cheap (2euro) frying pan but after some thinking we decided not to take it along, too much trouble for frying some eggs and cheese sandwiches. We figured we could do without for a couple of weeks, besides how much can an omelet cost? We replaced the aluminum pots for stainless steel, they were getting a bit banged up, and because of the weather we will be taking along a thermos, nothing like a warm tea after the first hour on the road.
The first couple days will be a bit more hilly than originally planed, and we will be hurting for the first days, (but that's the price for nice views hehe), we can always shorten the days ride, or make last minute adjustments to the route.
I have taken the trouble and printed out a list of camping's with their phone numbers, along the route we will take, so hopefully there wont be any worries about a place to sleep for the night. A lot of the area we will be cycling through is very touristy with many camping's along the way. There are only a couple of places that have only one camping that I could find using the ANWB 2003 CD and Interhike the online search address for camping's in Europe.
If everything goes to plan and the weather is OK, we might go as far as Basel, Switzerland, it's only 60kms from Freiburg, we will see when we get to Freiburg.
Time to finish packing, c'ya in a few weeks :-)