Bergamo to Athens
30-04 till 01-06-2007


This was a real bad experience for both of us, but it did not and will not deter us from touring.

This tour was not one that we like to remember. Mainly because of indecisions of our route during the tour, the theft of 80, 2 mobile phones and camera with over 450 pictures, in Parga, Greece, a bad driver in Athens, Greece and problems at the Athens airport concerning our bikes.
I guess we just have to take the bad with the good and learn from these experiences.
On the left was the planed route (2000 kms) and on the right the actual route (1500 kms). In Greece we tried something different, having a base camp and checking out the surrounding areas on day rides with minimum weight. It worked great and we have seen much more of certain areas, which otherwise would have missed.
We will try this sort of touring more often in the future.

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