To Jade Bay and back
(Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony)
15-09 to 03-10

The Plan

September 5, 2007

Due to an unforeseen problem we had to cancel our Danube river tour. We are a bit saddened by this but it could not be helped. In any case the Danube isn't going anywhere we just have to plan a future tour maybe following the whole length of the river.
Besides we really prefer to leave and return on our bikes, (for a change) with no other mode of transport involved. Needless to say that this will be a more hassle free tour.
We will be going to Jade bay, but unfortunately its
not the one in Cancun, Mexico ;-(
Making a loop (counter clockwise) following bike paths through Germany and Holland. This tour is about 1500 kms and about 75% flat so it will be easy going.
We will head East to Aachen were we will get on a cycling path to Bonn and on to Kassel where we turn North following the Wesser river to the North Sea.
From there we turn West hugging the coastline to Holwerd were we get on the LF3 cycling path heading South (+/-500kms) to Maastricht. Checking the ANWB camping guide, there are camping's all along these route's, so we do not foresee any problems there.

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